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The Simplicity of our salvation

As another trip around the sun ends and begins all at once, I am filled with hope and trepidation. I am grateful for this opportunity to start again, facing in 2021 many of the dangers that loomed in years past. Still, I am hopeful.

After a year of devastation, of loss, a year of revelation as the pain of our collective depravity is emphasized by a state of national emergency and uprisings in our streets, I feel more certain about the simplicity of our salvation - we must prioritize the wellbeing of Black and Brown bodies.

Every new year of our past, Black mommas have mourned the loss of their sons and daughters at the hands of injustice. Brown sisters have grieved, frustrated by a lack of care that addresses the interlocking health needs we disproportionately face. Yet each year, Black and Brown women survive systems of injustice and live on as representatives of a new hope, of justice prevailed, of life emerging in spite of death.

Render Free was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, dreamt of before 2020, yet is underlined by the incidents of this year. It is a physical space, a resource of strategies for healing, for recovery, and for renewal. It is my response to our invitation. It is my commitment to promoting and practicing the prioritization of Black and Brown wellbeing.

As you make new commitments, and set your intention for the year to come, I invite you, prioritize the wellbeing of Black and Brown women. Join Render Free as an Ally Sponsor by committing to a monthly contribution. Gift belonging for a Black or Brown sister who is worthy of rest and healing. Support Render Free as an act of solidarity, making possible a business fueled by justice and bringing hope.


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