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1:1 Coaching
Ease, rest + a deeper connection to an unmasked-self


that instead of feeling trapped in survival mode or stuck in stress, you had access to ease, rest and a deeper connection to an unmasked-self that surpassed any circumstance.

Since childhood you've developed instinctual ways of shapeshifting and defending yourself from a world that is not always safe. Instead of losing yourself to these defenses, powerless to hardening armor even in the presence of those you trust, you can learn to listen to your body. You can attend to your deepest needs and lay down your armor for truer connection, instinctual clarity and inner stability. 

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If you want to find freedom from hypervigilance by honoring your story, your body and your armor, you're in the right place. I am here to support your liberation.  

Recall Your Story

Increase your awareness of the stories you've been telling yourself since childhood. Discover what to hold onto and find ways to release the past.

Know Your Body

Get connected to your heart, head and core to unlock an awareness of sensations within your body.

Honor Your Armor

Become conscious of the armor you utilize most to protect yourself so that these defense mechanisms can be differentiated from your true self.

My Offerings

I’m here to honor the instincts that you’ve honed to protect you from a world that too often threatens your sense of love, security and belonging. Together we will learn to recognize the armor you have developed to protect you from these threats. We will differentiate the armor from who you are in rest, freedom, safety and security. In time, you can grow to utilize armor with a level of consciousness to protect yourself when the situation requires and to let your truer self come forward in times of abundance.

Schedule a complimentary Discover Call.

"The more I understood about my type as an armor, the freer I felt to choose when to pick up and put down the armor without confusing it with my true identity."

- Chichi Agorom,

The Enneagram for Black Liberation 

Invest in your healing



Payment Plan Available


Typing Session


Render Free Member Care Price

Typing Session



6 Session Bundle

$115 per session

Render Free Member Care Price

6 Session Bundle

$95 per session

Hi there, I'm Arielle Grant. 
I'm so glad you're here!

It is a privilege and a joy to be a witness to the transformation of others. My gift is holding space for those ready to enter into their own stories. I specialize in bringing attention to body-wisdom, inciting expressed emotion and tracing thoughts to our core motivations. 

As the founder of a small business that exists to disrupt racial trauma by promoting whole-body wellness, I am intimately familiar with the demands of a social system predicated on workaholism, burnout, over-extension and sleepwalking.

I am here to walk alongside those who are ready to grow in their ability to disentangle themselves from these toxic tendencies, and to develop their ability to offload the weight of their defenses in the saftey of their havens. I am here to help you reconnect, rediscover and rejoice in the fullness of who you've been and who you are becoming.

I am a certified Restorative Justice Circle Facilitator, a student of Enneagram University and have been coached by Chichi Agorom. I have a degree in Communication which equips me in the skill of language and storytelling, an integral part of naming our inner-narratives. I have experience in story-work which is rooted in trauma-focused narrative therapy. 

Most importantly, I am here to utilize all of these skills to foster a space for your support, care and healing.

Why the Enneagram?

Though the Enneagram, like so much else, has been co-opted, oversimplified and misused, the Enneagram is an ancient system of human development that can be traced back to the present day Middle East. Understanding the instincts that you’ve developed from a young age as your Enneagram type is the first step toward growing the necessary consciousness to honor your self-developed armor and disrupt the patterns that keep you from rest and liberation.

"The Enneagram is a tool that can help us remember who we are and find freedom in returning to our inherent worthiness, dignity, and power."
- Chichi Agorom, The Enneagram for Black Liberation 
I am happy to help you determine which offering is the right fit. Let's talk about your needs, what is keeping you from being well + free, and discover together how I can support your healing journey. 
Ready? Let's connect.


Q: Is Render Free only for self-identified Black + Brown women?

A: Yes! However, all are welcome to book a discovery call! There is no identity qualification for this particular offering. Let's find out together how I can support your journey toward healing. 

Q: Are there payment plans available?

A: While there is a discount for upfront payment, there is also a per-session payment plan for the six session bundle.

Q: Do I have to complete the six session bundle in six consecutive weeks?

A: On the contrary, you can schedule your sessions at your convince. I suggest a rhythm of sessions every-other week.

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