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There was a time when you lived fully present to the joys before you, fully open to connect with goodness in the world around you and entirely accepting of every part of you. As we grow from the innocence of infancy, we all develop instinctual ways of shapeshifting to defend ourselves from a world that is not always safe. We create a protective shell, take up armor and too often deny essential parts of us to negotiate connection and security.


Many of us have quieted our intuition, silenced our essences and punished the parts of ourselves that pose a threat to belong.

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT... that instead of feeling trapped in survival mode or stuck in stress, you have access to ease and rest. I am here to accompany you in the discovery of self-love that reaches every part of you. Together, we will create a soft place to encounter the fullness of who you are. I will gently remind you that you are worthy of your greatest longings. We will practice tending to that ache for love, rest and ease by loosening your grip on armor for truer connection, instinctual clarity and internal stability. If you want to find freedom from hypervigilance by honoring your story, your body and your armor, you're in the right place. I am here to support your liberation.



If you want to find freedom from hypervigilance by honoring your story, your body and your armor, you're in the right place. I am here to support your liberation.  

Book a 15-minute complementary introductory call and together we can determine which offering best supports your pursuit of liberation.

Recall Your Story


In the earliest stages of your life, a collection of experiences taught you that the world is not always safe. Subconsciously, these instances of trauma, tragedy or fear inform the way you show up in your life today. By bringing these stories to the foreground and revisiting instances of harm in an attentive and healing environment, you will amass compassion for the development of your type structure

and find ways to release patterns of the past that no longer serve you.

Know Your Body


In the commotion of living it can be difficult to locate ourselves, to parse out our own innate wisdom with the voices of others. Your body has the distinct ability to transcend the noise. 

When you learn to tune into the sensations of your body (buzzing in your head, churning in your gut, butterflies in your chest), you find a portal to being present that can lead to a practice of consciousness, connection and joy.

Understand Your Power


You are more than your Enneagram type. Together, we will practice naming the privilege and power you are afford in various life circumstances according to the hierarchical systems of society. Awareness of your power and vulnerabilities, of the daily impact of our collective traumas, is integral to a freedom that surpasses the bounds of oppression. Collective liberation is bound by the interior healing of each of us. 

Why the Enneagram?

Though the Enneagram, like so much else, has been co-opted, whitewashed, oversimplified and misused, it is much more than a personality system. It is an ancient system of mapping human development. It is a descriptive tool that can support your understanding of the instincts that you’ve developed from a young age as your. Together, we can name your internal tendencies, honor your self-developed armor and disrupt the patterns that keep you from rest and liberation. 

"The Enneagram is a tool that can help us remember who we are and find freedom in returning to our inherent worthiness, dignity, and power." - Chichi Agorom, The Enneagram for Black Liberation 

Who is this for?

If you are ready to do the work, ready to heal, ready to be free - this for you! While Render Free's lounge + workspace was specifically for self-identified Black + Brown women (see RF History), coaching offerings are open to all (unless otherwise stated). The work will undoubtedly differ according the context of each client. However, the mission and aim is the same: to disrupt racial trauma by promoting whole-body wellness. Collective liberation is bound by the interior healing of each of us. 

I am happy to help you determine which offering is the right fit. Let's talk about your needs, what is keeping you from being well + free, and discover together how I can support your healing journey. 
Ready? Let's begin.

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