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Why Render Free
Render Free is a 100% Black woman-owned communal wellness space that disrupts racial trauma by promoting whole body wellness for self-identified Black and Brown women.
Members are given access to a community lounge, cafe and co-working area created and maintained with them in mind. Moving in and out of predominantly white spaces, Black and Brown women are too often forced to justify their presence, standing at the dangerous intersection of sexism and racism. This continuous effort, coupled with everyday concerns, creates deep psychological, emotional and physical fatigue. We strive to alleviate women of these burdens.
We provide virtual and in-person space dedicated to promoting the integration of work and rest. By highlighting local wellness practitioners of color we resource our members with strategies of healing that disrupt the onslaught of racial trauma. We also provide one-on-one Member Care and group Solidarity Sessions that offer dedicated space in connection with others who do not base your value on productivity but on inherent worth. Our community offers insight on strategic boundaries, encourages self-reflection and implores the prioritization of rest.


Invest in yourself while contributing to the sustaining power and longevity of this community resource.


Contribute to healing and join us in showing the world that Black + Brown women are worthy of communal support. 

Disrupting anti-Black racism in the form of racial trauma by promoting whole-body wellness for self-identified Black + Brown women.
Arielle Grant
Founder + CEO
When I found myself most in need of a place that would protect me from the battery of racial trauma, I instinctively sought out community spaces across the Twin Cities. Finding sanctuary in Black-owned cafes and restaurants, I was reminded of my personhood amongst those who understood the complexity of my experience.

Inspired by the potential for healing in these Black-owned community spaces, I sought to
contribute to the network of havens across the cities. So that regardless of where one might find herself, she can reach for solace in a communal space that reminds her of her inherent worth.

Propelled into entrepreneurship, Render Free was not motivated by the opportunity to own and operate my own business. It is not my intent to build an empire or even to accumulate great wealth. Rather, I have set out to create a sustainable solution when the problem can no longer be ignored.

Vanessa Brooke Agnes
Director of Community Engagement

As a Founding Member of Render Free, it is nothing short of a dream to deepen my relationship with our members as Director of Community Engagement. I intend to provide a high level of quality in each of the core offerings we extend to this community of women, especially as we transition into our new haven.

Truthfully, there is really nowhere else I would rather be. In the early days of Render Free, amidst the whirlwind of 2020, finding solace in the space and meeting the women in this community showed me a path forward. It showed me I could sit in a safe place and heal alongside others, I didn’t have to carry it all alone. I began to heal.


And now, as I transition into a new role and relationship with Render Free, I can clearly see what a sustainable future looks like for myself. It is liberating - Render Free has given me hope. And so, I am happy to spend my time and energy giving back to this community and helping other women like me along their healing journey. I hope to inspire them to see a path forward for themselves as well.

Priscilla Muschamp
Associate Director of Operations

For some time, I have sat with the idea that my mere existence means I have both the responsibility and privilege to be of service. It has taken some experience, Black and Brown women pouring into me, and many years to learn that my capabilities can be applied thoughtfully that values the whole person that I am. To engage with community in an authentic way and utilize my skill set. It is my great pleasure to join Render Free to support their operations.

Before I became a Founding Member of Render Free, I had an innate sense of knowing what I needed but not knowing if a specific space existed that could hold the complexities of my experience. As someone who is continually searching for what it means, looks, and feels like to be free, Render Free became the space where I knew I could just be.

As I work alongside the people who join us in the space, for sessions, or even virtually, the shift I am seeing in real time is nothing short of exciting. I am grateful to see this urgent and necessary need for rest and togetherness be addressed for our collective well being.

"Not only is caring for oneself permissible, it is necessary. 
When she is free, we will all be free."

- Anonymous Black Woman
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