...you okay, sis?
Render Free centers the experiences of our members by making space for her.
As a physical space in South Minneapolis, we create a place for our members to heal, learn, work, play and rest in community.
We believe that by activating the discipline of self-care, women will heal, dream, and begin to reimagine their best.

Black and Brown women stand at a dangerous intersection of racism and sexism.
This reality generates levels of stress that directly impact our quality of health.
Render Free centers practitioners of color who lead us in communal pursuit of emotional, physical, and social well-being.
Not only is caring for oneself permissible, it is necessary. 
When she is free, we will all be free.

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Arielle Grant is a program, curriculum, and community developer. In a variety of contexts her work has consistently been to advocate and care for those marginalized by racial oppression. Informed by history and ongoing community relationships, Arielle has facilitated healthy cross-racial relationships. Through trainings and events, she inspires introspection, meaningful connection and racial identity progression. Arielle began to dream about Render Free in the winter of 2019. 


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