Render Free is a 100% Black woman-owned communal wellness space that disrupts racial trauma by promoting whole body wellness for self-identified Black and Brown women.
Founding members are given access to a community lounge, cafe and co-working area created and maintained with them in mind. Moving in and out of predominantly white spaces, Black and Brown women are too often forced to justify their presence, standing at the dangerous intersection of sexism and racism. This continuous effort, coupled with everyday concerns, creates deep psychological, emotional and physical fatigue. We strive to alleviate women of these burdens.
We provide virtual and in-person space dedicated to promoting the integration of work and rest. By highlighting local wellness practitioners of color we resource our members with strategies of healing that disrupt the onslaught of racial trauma. We also provide one-on-one Member Care and group Solidarity Sessions that offer dedicated space in connection with others who do not base your value on productivity but on inherent worth. Our community offers insight on strategic boundaries, encourages self-reflection and implores the prioritization of rest.
Disrupting anti-Black racism in the form of racial trauma by promoting whole-body wellness for self-identified Black + Brown women.
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Jamila Toussaint
Associate Director of Hospitality + Communications
I’ve come to honor my many identities as a lawyer, model, yogi, holistic health advocate, and pageant queen. Through my lived experience of navigating these spaces and uncovering my own unique gifts, l have discovered belief systems that are no longer serving me. 
My experience as a judicial law clerk has impacted how I view community and relationships. It has opened my eyes to the trauma we’ve experienced as Black and Brown people and to the ways that trauma impacts our connection to one another and to ourselves. In my role as current Ms. Black USA, I’ve found that healthy relationships can restore the disconnect created by trauma, and in community we can embody our gifts and learn to live their soul’s purpose.
Led by spirituality and metaphysics, I’ve been able to curate a life that’s all mine. I am refusing to deny my inner child’s desire to live a life of freedom and fun. I am committed to decolonizing the wellness space, understanding African ancestral healing modalities, and creating space for women, specifically Black women, to engage in healing.
Arielle Grant
Founder + CEO
When I found myself most in need of a place that would protect me from the battery of racial trauma, I instinctively sought out community spaces across the Twin Cities. Finding sanctuary in Black-owned cafes and restaurants, I was reminded of my personhood amongst those who understood the complexity of my experience.

Inspired by the potential for healing in these Black-owned community spaces, I sought to
contribute to the network of havens across the cities. So that regardless of where one might find herself, she can reach for solace in a communal space that reminds her of her inherent worth.

Propelled into entrepreneurship, Render Free was not motivated by the opportunity to own and operate my own business. It is not my intent to build an empire or even to accumulate great wealth. Rather, I have set out to create a sustainable solution when the problem can no longer be ignored.
Anna Mazig, Esq.
Associate Director of Operations

I create and codify processes, policies, and procedures to support and prioritize physical and psychological safety for my client's employees, leadership, and consumer base - and I will now be doing this for the Render Free community. In addition to my professional endeavors, I engage my creativity through photography and design. Both can be seen through my art projects, titled PROJEKT von Anna, showcasing my pieces, creative direction, photographic eye, and styling. It is through my work and creative play that I model a motto I live by: balance may not always look 50/50, and that doesn't mean my life isn't balanced for me.

"Not only is caring for oneself permissible, it is necessary. 
When she is free, we will all be free."

- Anonymous Black Woman
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