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Founder + Coach

It is a privilege and a joy to be a witness to the transformation of others. My gift is holding space for those ready to enter into their own stories. I am not a brand or a guru, I am simply here to accompany you in this journey toward healing. I specialize in bringing attention to body-wisdom, inciting core emotions and tracing thoughts to our key motivations. 

As the founder of a small business that exists to disrupt racial trauma by promoting whole-body wellness, I am intimately familiar with the demands of a social system predicated on workaholism, burnout, over-extension and sleepwalking.

I am here to walk alongside those who are ready to grow in their ability to disentangle themselves from these toxic tendencies, and to develop their ability to offload the weight of their defenses in the saftey of their havens. I am here to help you reconnect, rediscover and rejoice in the fullness of who you've been and who you are becoming.
I am a certified Restorative Justice Circle Facilitator, a trained Enneagram practitioner, certified and now teaching at Enneagram University. I am committed to my own healing through therapy, coaching, prayer, learning and other modalities of growth. I have a degree in Communication which equips me in the skill of language and storytelling, an integral part of naming our inner-narratives. I have experience in story-work which is rooted in trauma-focused narrative therapy. 

Most importantly, I too am learning everyday what it means to live fully human in pursuit of freedom as a liberation coach, mindfulness mentor and contemplative activist.

Ad hoc offerings - 
Public speaking 
Facilitating panels / discussion groups
Children's Book Reading - The Picture Box
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