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Founder + Chief Executive Officer

Black and Brown expend unrecognized labor navigating predominantly white spaces that are often embedded within a larger framework of sexism and racism. We are sisters, parents, mothers, and caregivers. We are advocates, professionals, activists and artist, who bare a social expectation of self-sacrifice, rarely granted institutional resources devoted to our humanity. The daily onslaught of microaggressions and recurring harm of being undervalued is exhausting.

The roles we play and contributions we make often give us a sense of joy and purpose. Yet, I propose that as Black and Brown women, irrespective of their productivity and independent from their performance, deserve to be well and free.
When I found myself most in need of a place that would protect me from the battery of racial trauma, I instinctively sought out community spaces across the Twin Cities. Finding sanctuary in Black-owned cafes and restaurants, I was reminded of my personhood amongst those who understood the complexity of my experience.

Inspired by the potential for healing in these Black-owned community spaces, I sought to
contribute to the network of havens across the cities. So that regardless of where one might find herself, she can reach for solace in a communal space that reminds her of her inherent worth.

Propelled into entrepreneurship, Render Free was not motivated by the opportunity to own and operate my own business. It is not my intent to build an empire or even to accumulate great wealth. Rather, I have set out to create a sustainable solution when the problem can no longer be ignored.

My hope is to cultivate and bear witness to a community of Black and Brown women who are practicing the prioritization of their own wellbeing. It is my intention to do so as an example. Not as a professional who feigns know-how but as a Black woman unwilling to sacrifice my whole self even for the sake of advancement, confident in my contribution and honest about my humanity.

Support - 
Directly support the continuation of Render Free as we embrace a season of transition, to rest, reset and acquire a new home that will offer members access 5-7 days a week. Directly support our Founder as she observes a much-needed time of rest via PayPal @RenderFree.

Offerings - 
Public speaking 
Conducting interviews
Facilitating panels and discussions
Children's Book
 - The Picture Box

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