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Have you heard?

New Black-owned communal wellness space in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Render Free disrupts racial trauma by promoting whole-body wellness for self-identified Black and brown women.

Currently, a church built in 1910 is being renovated in South Minneapolis. Alongside four amazing community partners, Render Free is co-creating a 6,000 square foot collaborative space. This space will include a cafe, co-working area, kids play area and community lounge.

The aforementioned spaces of the center will be devoted to Render Free members two days each week.

Render Free will open it's doors late summer of 2020 (COVID-19 permitted). In the meantime, there are several ways to join Render Free today.


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This work would not be possible without those who support us. Contribute to the healing of Black and Brown women by becoming an Ally Member.


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