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Letter from Arielle

Our space, with its leaf-green walls, comfy sofa and warm wood floors, is one that we’ve always been proud to call our temporary home. At the Center of Belonging, we’ve encouraged our community of members to expand with ease and delighted in local Black-owned goodies that reminds us that we deserve to be well and free. In just over two years, we’ve uplifted the work of fifteen fabulous featured practitioners, laughed, cried and made life-changing connections through in-person and virtual events. We’ve conducted countless member care sessions, gathered in solidarity and have held space to explore the diverse experiences of Black + Brown women.


Render Free was a concept born of my own need for a space of rest and healing as a Black woman navigating the minefield of white supremacy. Introduced to the world for the first time in April of 2020, when we opened our doors for the first time, I held onto the question: is my need for this space echoed by the community and does Render Free meet that need?


In spite of the hardship of enduring a pandemic and the collective trauma inflicted by the public murder of George Floyd that led to a global uprising sparked in our district, in two years over two-hundred community members have joined us in this mission to disrupt racial trauma by promoting whole body wellness for self-identified Black + Brown women.


To my question, we have heard a resounding “YES!” Each new Founding Member, each word of encouragement and every earnest expression of gratitude by those finally met with a place to belong, has proven the potential of Render Free.


Now, to honor all that has been created and discovered thus far, Render Free will be embracing a Season of Fallow. This temporary alteration of our offerings will create time for rest and our long awaited relaunch. All who delight in the current manifestation of Render Free have held a vision for its fuller future. Now is the time when we will bring that future into a reality.

- Arielle.png

Season of Fallow Update:

It's finally time!

We are in the final stage of this Season of Fallow and have launched a campaign to raise the funds that we make this relaunch possible!

Join us as we show the world that Black + Brown women are worthy of our communal support!

Learn the details at




True to our mission and purpose, we will begin by honoring the space that is required for the restoration of Arielle Grant, our Founder, who has poured an immense amount of her life into Render Free to get us to this point. She will begin this season with a significant amount of time away from work to recuperate and replenish for the next important phase of our community.

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