The Vision

Render Free House will be a space of connection, work, rest and healing. Black + Brown women will find a haven in our community and a place to encounter their truest-selves beneath the burden of the armor we carry. What we can look forward to  

  • Five days a week in our shared workspace designed with you in mind

  • Group Solidarity Sessions for connection and community dialogue

  • Exclusive events featuring local wellness practitioners, leaders and healers

  • One-to-one member care through coaching, innerwork and accountability

  • Member and open community events

  • Private space available for reservation

It's finally time!

We are building a haven and moving into a new home! Render Free is ready to relaunch within our new space for the integration of rest, work, self-care and collective healing.


Join us as we show the world that Black + Brown women are worthy of our communal support!


The Plan

Inspite of the hardship of a health pandemic, the collective trauma inflicted by the public murder of George Floyd, and a global uprising that began in our backyard. Render Free has completed two years of a “proof of concept” phase, with limited hours and a pop-up location. This time has proven the value and relevance of Render Free as a community resource.


Now, our goal is to raise $250,000 to see the fullest vision of this resource come to fruition. 


Your support will allow us to move into our new home, a location that will allow our community of members to access offerings five days a week for practicing the integration of rest, work, self-care and collective healing! Your contribution will also support the growth of our staff, creating new job opportunities and sustainability for the amazing team of people that keep Render Free growing.

Next Steps

Join us! Think about it. Pray about it. Check in with your personal committee and consider becoming an integral part of the next big step for a place the world needs. If you would make a pledge, have further questions about the campaign, or simply want to learn more about our journey to this point before making a contribution email our Founder and CEO, Arielle Grant, at arielle.grant@renderfree.com


Q: Your goal is $250,000. Awesome! Where is all that money going?

A: $150k in staff/personnel,  $50k in rent for our new location (5 days a week), and $50k in Furnishing and Programming.

Q: How can we best stay connected and up-to-date with the campaign?

A: We will be sending updates to those who contribute in this initial phase of our campaign. Otherwise, keep an eye on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to be updated when our campaign goes pubic!

Q: Where is the new location?

A: During our initial proof of concept Render Free launched in Minneapolis. For our new space we intend to stay within city limits. Currently, we have two promising leads for a new locations. It is our hope that come Fall 2022 we have multiple viable options to choose from. This is a big decision, and we hope to make it out of a place of abundance over scarcity to ensure our new home is exactly what we're looking for. Once we determine this new location, those that contribute to our campaign will be amongst the first to know! 


Q: Is my contribution tax-deductible?

A:  Render Free LLC is a for-profit business. For this reason, your contribution is NOT tax deductible. New tax reform has actually helped us in this way, with the single deduction making it less important for many folks to ensure charitable support counts as a tax deductible write-off. However, if a  tax deductible gift is crucial to your support, we have formed a fiscal sponsorship arrangement with Ace in the City, a 501(c)3 nonprofit (and organizational partner).

Tax-deductible gifts (one-time and monthly) can be made by visiting http://www.aceinthecity.org/renderfree/


Contact Founder and CEO, Arielle Grant, (arielle.grant@renderfree.com) with information regarding your contribution so that confirmation can be made with Ace in the City.

Q: Who do I make a check out to?

A: To give directly to Render Free, make all checks out to 'Render Free'. If you are you'd like your check to be tax deductible, make it out to 'Ace in the City'—a 501(c)3 nonprofit (and organizational partner)