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My Offerings

I’m here to honor the instincts that you’ve honed to protect you from a world that too often threatens your sense of love, security and belonging. Together we will learn to recognize the armor you have developed to protect you from these threats. We will differentiate the armor from who you are in rest, freedom, safety and security. In time, you can grow to utilize armor with a level of consciousness to protect yourself when the situation requires and to let your truer self come forward in times of abundance.

This interview style session is a place to begin. If the Enneagram is new to you or you’ve taken assessments and are still unsure about which type structure you embody, this session is for you. By deepening your understanding of the Enneagram as a typology system and learning through stories about your experiences, we will discover a fresh starting point in your pursuit of personal growth, healing and liberation. At the end of this time, you will be equipped with tools and resources to support your next steps.

Investment: 90 minutes, $117

If you are craving clarity and a new way through, this six-part bundle is for you. You are more than your Enneagram type. You are the complex intersection of your experiences, your identity and your body. Through a somatic approach and a commitment to antiracism, in this offering you will find an invitation to rediscover the self-worth, self-awareness and self-compassion that liberates. Arielle will accompany you on your journey toward healthier connections as you break free from the reactive patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

Investment: (1) 90-minute introductory + (5) 50 minute sessions,

$130 each (Total - $780)

If you are looking to realize something new in the world, this entrepreneurial project and strategy support offering is for you. With tenderness, excitement and perhaps some trepidation, you’ve been holding onto a dream but may be unsure how to proceed. Arielle will support the realization of your vision. With thoughtful questions and tactful curiosity, She can draw out the essential elements of your endeavor and guide you toward the practical steps it will require to take action.


$90/hr (suggested 2 hours minimum)

Book a 15-minute complementary introductory call and together we can determine which offering best supports your pursiut of liberation.

Payment plans for select offerings are available upon request.

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