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Written by Jaralyn Roberts, Founding Member + Featured Practitioner

It’s almost spring and you can feel the excitement brewing. After five months of cold weather, darkness starting before you’re off work, and snow… lots of snow, spring brings hope and a feeling of relief for many. At the first signs of spring, we jump into action planning summer vacations, kids summer activities, all the fun we'll have outside and we begin daydreaming about those summer nights on the patio of our favorite restaurant. Sometimes it seems like spring is just a trigger for us to jump right into summer!

Spring has always had a special place in my heart because it's the season of my birthday- what I consider my personal new year but this year, I have grown a new appreciation for what spring will bring. When I think about the spring and all that happens in this time like the snow melting, flowers and leaves budding, daylight extending into the evening hours, rain showers, and the desire to be outside for longer than 10 mins - I realize that spring is truly a season of transition.

This year, as spring is approaching, I view it as an invitation to notice, reflect, and discover what is being uncovered in my own season of transition. We are all transitioning in one way or another… growing, evolving, and becoming more of who we are.

I am not much of a gardener but what I do know is you can’t just start planting anywhere in any soil. You have to touch, observe, and survey to be sure that the soil you are using is conducive to the fruit and the beauty you wish to cultivate. I believe the same goes for our lives.

I extend the invitation to pause and notice in this season of uncovering. What is appearing beneath the snow that is melting away in your life? Where might you need to shift? Is the soil in which you are preparing to plant healthy and conducive to what you want to harvest? What are you noticing?

I know it is so tempting to jump into action as you feel the next season of life approaching but without the pause in transition- you may be acting upon something that is not meant for you or will not move you in the direction you want to go. The space to uncover and observe is so beautiful. It allows us to move forward in wisdom and confidence because we took the time to notice.

So- what are you discovering in this season of transition?

@Jaralyn_J | | LinkedIn: Jaralyn Roberts

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