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Render Free Cohort

The Render Free Cohort is a unique opportunity to connect with a select group of women on a deeper level. The cohort experience invites accountability, healing and volunteerism to sustain the culture and longevity of Render Free. Cohort participants will receive a 12-month complimentary all access membership.


Participation in this 12-month program includes the following commitments: One sister circle meeting each month (2 hours), hosting/volunteering in the space 4x each month (4 hour shifts), an onboarding and closing event, optional social outings, and promoting engagement within our member and broader community.


With the first six months focused on discovery and the next six months dedicated to practice, this experience will culminate in a creative capstone project that is unique to each member's self care journey and quest for liberation.

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The Overview 



  • Monthly group Sister Circle

  • Three cohort social outings

  • 1-2 Coaching Sessions (dedicated one-on-one)


Recall Your Story

Increase your awareness of the stories you've been telling yourself since childhood. Discover what to hold onto and find ways to release the past.

Know Your Body

Get connected to your heart, head and core to unlock an awareness of sensations within your body.

Honor Your Armor

Become conscious of the armor you utilize most to protect yourself so that these defense mechanisms can be differentiated from your true self.


  • Host - One shift per week welcoming guests and assisting members use of space (4 hours)

    • Greet members as they enter the space

    • Connect with members onsite

    • Tidy space as needed and replenish refreshments

    • Welcome and instruct guests and those with Day Passes

  • Promote - Inspire engagement within member community

    • ​Send 25 emails monthly to assigned members using template to promote new offerings

    • Attend a minimum of one event per month (Solidarity Session, Restorative Conversation, BYSF etc.)

  • Advocate - Spread the word about Render Free across the Twin Cities

    • Table and represent Render Free at two local events

    • Utilize personal social media platform to post and share Render Free announcements

Cohort applications are closed at this time. Sign up for a membership to gain access to all Render Free offerings today. Selected applicants will be refunded.

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