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Recorded Conversation - November

Founder, Arielle Grant, hosts Leeya Rose Jackson + Safrat Shonibare, co-founders of For Our Magic.

Inspired by the term “Black Girl Magic”, coined by CaShawn Thompson and “Protect Your Magic”, Leeya and Safrat created For Our Magic which provides free curated beauty and self-care gifts to BlPOCs. 

In conversation with our founder, Leeya and Safrat share about the genesis of For Our Magic as well as their personal insight about the prioritization of self-care for Black + Brown women.

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Recorded Conversation - October

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We are excited to gather (virtually) as a community of self-identified Black and Brown women to discuss the importance of prioritizing our own health and wellbeing. Joined by coach and consultant Marie Michael we will explore embodiment as a wellness tool. 

According to Marie, "being embodied allows us to access our full range of emotions, to grieve, be easeful, express joy and also rage; it allows us to ride the waves of deep feelings and sensations and to stand on the solid, fertile ground of our desires and commitments in order fight for the life we desire for ourselves and our community."

Five event attendees will win a free private somatic coaching sessions with Marie Michael, Embodied Coaching and Consulting.

Marie Michael has been an embodied coach, facilitator, and equity and inclusion practitioner with over 20 years of experience influencing individual and institutional change. She provides visioning, strategic planning, and concrete action steps, focusing on work that develops the intercultural capacity of educators, leaders, community activists, and others committed to social justice. Her approach is collaborative and passionate, modeling vulnerability, lifelong learning and a growth mindset.

Marie joined a group of women of color developing somatic awareness and skills to address racism, white supremacy, and ways in which we had internalized both. As she learned and practiced somatic strategies together, sh began to understand the depth of my wounds -- particularly the damaged tissue of internalized racism.

Investing in somatic learning and practice has helped her walk the path of healing justice.

"I've learned to name my longings, declare my commitments, and show up as a healer and change agent. My work with clients is embodied and collaborative -- supporting healing and transformation from the inside out and building the world we desire."

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