Providing opportunities for connection and promoting whole body wellness for self-identified Black + Brown women.

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Our offerings affirm the shared experiences of Black + Brown women,

inspire community belonging and highlight strategies of healing.⁠


Friday, February 26 at 3:00-4:00p CT

In our final SOFA we will highlight the unique intersection of Black History Month and Women's History Month by discussing the stereotypes often imposed upon Black women and how we find liberation in the face of them. 



Featured conversationalists:

LaToya Taris and Arielle Grant

Founding members are invited to listen to SOFA as a “live audience” in our lounge or join remotely on LIVE (Facebook - @renderfree.mpls)(Instagram - @renderfree).

Render Free centers wellness and healing for Black and Brown women. Likewise, SOFA centers our wellbeing, perspectives and experiences. 

No registration required.

Friday, February 26 at 4:00-5:30p


Render Free invites founding members to spend time in our lounge and workspace after the work day. Join for an opportunity of communal healing through connection.


While this is a memebrs-only event, we encourage members to utilize this opportunity to gift a guest pass to a friend! 

Event registration is required and available on our membership page.


Second Tuesday of the Month 

6:30p CT - Zoom

Solidarity Sessions are a virtual, monthly, members-only event. Though facilitated dialogue we grow in community with each other, revel in our shared experiences, unique perspectives, and experience together the sense of belonging that so often brings healing. 

THE UPRISING VOLUME II: Black HERstory at Render Free

A night of collaboration and celebration as we embark on a journey told by a beautiful cast of black womxn whose talent, grace, and hard work is unmatched. Twelve Twin Cities artists will guide us through significant historical eras, blending storytelling, poetry, dance and music to celebrate the experiences and contributions of Black womxn.

This premier screening at Render Free will be an intimate event of 20 guests. Seats will be spaced six-feet apart and masks are required.

Ticket registration available to Render Free members on our Membership Page.

For those who are not joining us for the social distance screening, tune in remotely at 7p and drop into Render Free between 5:30-6:30p on Monday, February 1st to pick up a tasty gift created as the perfect pairing for your remote live stream of THE UPRISING VOLUME II: BLACK HERstory⁠.

Remote screening available to all at

February 1, 2021 @ 6:30p

Recorded Conversation

Founder, Arielle Grant, hosts naturopath herbalist, Dr. Quamina, founder of Imara Wellness and co-founder of Central Oak Apothecary.

This virtual offering explores insight of traditional medicine, as our guest of honor shares her journey toward healing and the discovery of her practice.⁠

Dr. Quamina has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, 5 years of experience as a health coach, and 11 year of experience practicing Naturopathic Medicine.

In this conversation Dr. Quamina names the power available to those who learn to listen to the needs of their body. She also announces the newest endeavor, Central Oak Apothecary.


"Central Oak Apothecary is a company providing tea blends and supplies. Our teas are handcrafted in small batches, using high quality and ethically sourced organic herbs. Our mixtures are meticulously curated by our Naturopathic Doctor and Health Care Team, with the intention of creating a moment of stillness."

The first five members to sign up receive a one-on-one session with Dr. Qumina, complements of Render Free.

Central Oak Apothecary Tea available at Render Free.

Recorded Conversation

Founder, Arielle Grant, hosts Leeya Rose Jackson + Safrat Shonibare, co-founders of For Our Magic.

Inspired by the term “Black Girl Magic”, coined by CaShawn Thompson and “Protect Your Magic”, Leeya and Safrat created For Our Magic which provides free curated beauty and self-care gifts to BlPOCs. 

In conversation with our founder, Leeya and Safrat share about the genesis of For Our Magic as well as their personal insight about the prioritization of self-care for Black + Brown women.

For Our Magic gifts available for members at Render Free.

Recorded Conversation

This Recorded Conversation is now available to Render Free members.

Learn more about FOM at

Marie shares with Render Free her journey toward embodiment and the fundamentals of somatic work. Her personal and professional perspective as an equity and inclusion consultant allowed for an incredible opportunity to discuss the risk of chronic stress uniquely faced by Black + Brown women.

In this conversation, Marie lead listeners in two somatic practices. These tools of self-regulation foster rest an healing and can be used by anyone in time of distress.

The first five members to sign up receive a one-on-one session with practitioner Marie Michael, complements of Render Free.

This Recorded Conversation is now available to Render Free members.

Learn more about Marie's practice at


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