Render Free COVID Safety + Prevention Plan

The wellness and safety of each member is immensely important to us. For this reason, we ask our members to continue to extend grace and understanding as we adapt to the ongoing development of COVID-19.

Our lounge + workspace will reopen on Thursday (12/10/20) at 30% capacity.

  1. As mandated by the state of Minnesota, all staff, members, clients, partners and visitors will be required to wear face    masks upon entering the building. Masks must be in accordance with CDC recommendation.

- Worn over nose and mouth and secure it under your chin

Use of gaiters or face shields are prohibited. 

- Masks with exhalation valves or vents prohibited

Masks available to guests as needed.


Exceptions to wearing a mask include: when eating/drinking 

(Note: If you need to move out and about from a workstation, masks must again be worn.)


​  2.   All staff, guests, members and visitors will maintain six-foot distance from others.

- Signs will be posted throughout the space


  3.   Cleaning and hand sanitation supplies will be made available throughout the space.


  4.   The space will be professionally cleaned and disinfected in entirety each week.

  5.   Furniture will be arranged six feet apart with a clear communication of seating capacity for each area.

  6.  Guests, staff, and members are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and

       coffee mugs to eliminate shared items. Disposable cups will be available as needed.


  7.  The max capacity for each room will be visibly displayed and adhered by all.

- Commons | Max Capacity of 12

- Café | Max Capacity 6

- Shared Workspace | Max Capacity of 12

- Kids Clubhouse | Max Capacity of 12


  8.   Symptom Check, Control & Contact Tracing

Fevers will be taken upon entry. If you have been feeling sick within the last week, we ask that you stay home.

We will let our longing to share space in community again fuel the ongoing evolution of Render Free. We will not waver in our commitment to walk alongside self-identified Black and Brown women as we journey toward healing. 


Questions please email us


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