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Associate Director of Operations (ADO)

Full-time position at Render Free 


Who we are

Render Free is a growing collective, boutique coworking space and wellness club that supports the healing journey of self-identified Black and Brown women. We offer space for integrated work and rest, self-care and collective healing by featuring local wellness practitioners, offering 1:1 member care coaching and facilitating group Solidarity Sessions. All of Render Free is guided and informed by belief and commitment to these values:

  • Anti-racism - We will continue to intentionally create and maintain a business that upholds policies that combat preexisting anti-Black racist systems which result in societal inequalities particularly at the expense of Black + Brown bodies.

  • Wellness – We will actively resist the temptation to prioritize productive performance over people. Instead, we create opportunities for clear communication so that the human needs of all employees and members might inform our decision making.

  • Community connection – By committing to care for one another and understanding community to be an integral part of the fulfillment of our mission, we will embrace opportunities for relationship, laughter and connection.

  • Internalized dignity – We reject the oppression of internalized racism and commit instead to reminding one another that all have inherent worth.


The vision of Render Free is to contribute to a collective shift in society, in which all

live by this truth: that Black and Brown women are worthy of our communal support and deserve to be well and free.


Startup Life

As an evolving second-year startup, Render Free is dedicated to innovating with intention as we create a lasting and sustainable community resource. Render Free is an enterprising startup with sincere passion and a small but powerful team of individuals – emphasis on small. The recipient of this position will have the unique opportunity to influence the growth of this mission-driven, community-centered start-up and to contribute to a deserving endeavor making cultural change.


You are the perfect candidate if…

You are the perfect candidate for this position if your passion for supporting the collective healing and connectivity of Black and Brown women is matched only by your proven track record for getting things done. We are seeking a highly strategic, analytical, forward-thinking and emotionally intelligent individual to support the development of all interlocking systems of our enterprise. This role reports directly to the CEO. You will work collaboratively to execute all initiatives in alignment with our mission, values, and milestones. We are looking for someone who has an aptitude to manage back-office development and a strong capacity for problem solving. You’ll need to be an accomplished multitasker, able to make incremental, data-driven improvements while also implementing vast system changes at the right time with the future of the company in mind. 


Required skills and qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience in financial and operations analytics 

  • 2+ years of experience in a start-up work environment

  • Robust understanding of financial planning

  • Proven ability to manage the books accurately (ideally with experience in Quickbooks)

  • Ability to connect well with people; warm and approachable

  • Ability to communicate upwards the needs of the staff

  • Experience managing cross-functional teams and departments

  • Experience managing a P&L

  • Proven ability to prepare future financial statements based on various scenarios

  • Leadership skills to motivate and develop staff and to ensure the accomplishment of goals

  • Ability to set priorities, plan, organize and delegate

  • Must be able to work in front of a computer screen for up to 5 hours per day

  • Adaptability to changing situations, take direction and manage time/projects to completion

  • Motivated self-starter/creative problem-solver, able to work with minimal supervision

  • Proven ability to plan and manage operational process for maximum efficiency/productivity

  • Must be able to seize, grasp, turn and hold objects with hands

  • Must be able to work stationary for at least 8 hours

  • Must be able to move, pull, carry or lift at least 40 pounds

  • Occasionally kneel, bend, crouch and climb as required


The recipient of this position will join Render Free at an integral and foundational time. We are preparing to relaunch in a new location. This relaunch will support the expansion of Render Free’s existing offerings. In the coming months, the ADO will support the CEO in the conclusion of an active fundraising campaign while leading the reimplementation and improvement of company structure referencing data from Render Free’s proof of concept. After the relaunch of Render Free within its new location, the ADO will design and maintain operational systems that nourish and sustain membership growth.


Job Overview:

We are seeking an emotionally intelligent, hospitality-focused mastermind of operations to support the management of Render Free’s new location, as well as own and maintain company systems, procedures, and standards. This role will require the study of analytical and the company’s past financial trends to forecast future strategy. Acting as a strategic and operational director, this individual will provide day-to-day staff support, never too removed from various activities related to the success of our membership community.

Responsibilities will include (not limited to): 

  • Monitoring and analyzing the budget and financial reports

  • Collaborating with other team members to continually improve financial forecasting

  • Improving the business’ processes in every area through analysis and collaboration

  • Analyzing performance of systems and support functions and making suggestions for improvement

  • Managing guidelines for employee recruitment, evaluations and advancement

Compensation & Benefits Details

Salary: $45,000 - $55,000 

$300-420 monthly health reimbursement coverage 

Contingent annual salary available within first year

Paid Time Off: 25 days per year (including both paid closure and 10 discretionary days)

Paid Holidays/Sick Time: 11 paid holidays, 2 paid floating holidays

Paid Closures: 3 weeks of paid, organization-wide closes. Render Free closes for the first two weeks of July to observe a team sabbatical and for the last week of December.


Location: the recipient of this position must have the flexibility to work amongst members or within our staff office.

  • Ability to be onsite 5 days/week (Minneapolis, MN)

  • Ability to attend in-person meetings onsite (Minneapolis, MN)

  • Flexible with schedule as it may shift or change to support in-person events (including some weekends)


How to apply


Cover Letter: 2-3 paragraphs telling us why you’re interested in this position and why you want to be a part of the Render Free team. Give us a sense of the work and lived experience that you feel has prepared you for this role. Please include and attach a resume with all relevant experience (operations, financial management, systems management, community engagement, hospitality, etc.).


Subject Line: Associate Director of Operations_Your Name


An important note about Render Free at this time

Render Free is currently in a growing and transformation process. You can learn more about this current phase of our membership development here. A big part of this growth is supporting the longevity of our leadership. Our Chief Executive Officer, Arielle Grant, will be stepping away for maternity leave spring of 2023. This reprieve aligns with a recurring sabbatical that will be observed annually. Currently, the responsibilities of the ADO position are met by the CEO. It’s our hope that this new position will have time for intentional onboarding alongside Arielle, whose duties will be reallocated by the ADO and Director of Community Engagement. The initial goal of this position will be the undertaking of established activities, while making improvements as we grow and build by working collaboratively and independently.

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